ICE London 2019 has been successfully held. We wish to express our thanks to all prestigious guests who visited us at our booth. We hope you have reached a deeper understanding of SA Gaming. We are looking forward to our partnership prospects. Please allow us to show our sincere appreciation to the organiser, contractor, helpers, showgirls, photographers, and all other parties who have contributed to the success of this exhibition. It has been indeed a marvellous journey with you all. Finally, we wish everybody good luck and good health on the year ahead! See you next year!

We would like to thank all the prestigious guests, our clients and business partners for visiting our ICE booth this year. Your presence has made ICE London 2019 a treasurable experience for us.

Please check out the highlight video that has captured some of our greatest moments at ICE London 2019!

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ICE London 2019 has ended. Thanks to all prestigious guests and all other parties who have made this exhibition successful. See you next year! Check out our express video now!

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Look at the game zones! Our guests are having fun with our games!

A lot of guests have visited us these two days. They have all enjoyed meeting us and trying our games. We believe that it has been valuable experience to both us and our guests. All these smiles and happy faces have definitely made up some of the most memorable moments of ICE London 2019.

Still haven’t visited us? Please come today for it will be the last day of ICE! See you at #N6-340!

Our professionals would respond to the requests of our VIPs. We can give life to all kinds of partnership here! Come to #N6-340 and meet us!

Have some hands-on experience of our upcoming Live Game Money Wheel! It brings fortune and good luck! And gifts! Come to #N6-340 and win a gift!

What a great day!

On the first day of the CNY, we met guests from different sectors of the industry and shared the festive joy with them. It was surely an unforgettable CNY for us.

Join us on the coming two days at #N6-340!

Gong Xi Fa Cai! Nothing beats receiving a red packet from Cai Shen on the first day of the Chinese New Year! Come to ExCeL and take red packets from our Cai Shen! Win the jackpot!

Happy Chinese New Year! SA Gaming wishes your dreams come true and great fortune! Come to #N6-340 and take red packets from SA Gaming! Win the jackpot and you’ll enjoy a prosperous year ahead!

SA Gaming’s booth construction at #N6-340 commences as the 28-metre canopy rises!

Less than one week until we shine at ICE! It will be held at ExCeL London from 5th to 7th February. Our booth #N6-340 is easily accessible from Entrances N6 and N7. See you there!

We are more than excited to reveal 2019 SA Gaming Corporate Video!

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It will soon be the grand opening of ICE London! After months of preparation, SA Gaming has gone through all final checking and we are ready! We hope to see you at N6-340 during the show. Now, let’s take a look at our booth design!

Less than two weeks to go! Our souvenirs have arrived! Our souvenirs always leave our guests and peers in awe! Take a look at what we have this year! They are so attractive that you aren’t missing them! Come to #N6-340 for business partnerships and some splendid souvenirs!

As said, there is an amazing design for our booth this year. To make our dream come true, our overseas contractor came to meet us! We discussed the detailed arrangements of the booth. Our concepts and ideas of design can be accurately reflected.

Our booth number is #N6-340, which is not far away from Entrances N6 and N7! If you are going to the ICE, you’re definitely not going to miss it!

Our publication includes a leaflet and a brochure. The leaflet gives a brief introduction to our products, while the brochure explains all our products and services. Nicely designed, please take one at #N6-340! We would like to hear your thoughts on them!

SA Gaming is joining the ICE held in London again!

It’s been the third consecutive year of our participation. ICE London 2019 will be held at ExCeL London from 5th to 7th February 2019. Our booth #N6-340 is easily accessible from Entrances N6 and N7. See you there!

Remember these two booths? SA Gaming made its ICE debut in 2017. These were our booths! In two years’ time, with your support, we have made much progress and become an indispensable online entertainment platform in Asia!

We have some news for you: Our booth this year will be even larger and more comfortable! There is an amazing design! Stay tuned to our website and social media to receive our first-hand information! See you at #N6-340!