Live Games

SA Gaming offers casino hot picks including Baccarat and many more. Our HTML5-powered games appeal to all types of players with various features such as Multi-Bet and real-time game stats.

SA Gaming’s Live Games and its live studio have been tested by GLI, a gaming certification laboratory trusted by various jurisdictions. Our Live Games suite is the choice for business growth!


8 decks of playing cards, 6-card draw, 10 main roadmaps, multiple bets on up to 16 Baccarat tables… These are just some of the great features of our Live Baccarat. Speed Baccarat is also available for your players. We also offer Side Bets like Lucky Six. The maximum payout can be as high as 20x!



In our No Commission Baccarat games, there is no commission when the Banker wins, paying 1:1. Players who bet on Banker can get their bets back when there is a Tie!


Combining Baccarat and Cow Cow, an Asian poker game, our Cow Cow Baccarat brings extra thrill to its players as the betting odds can go up to 9:1.


Dragon Tiger is a game commonly found in Asian casinos. The game, depending on pure luck, is simple and fast to play by placing bets on only 3 options, Dragon, Tiger, and Tie.


Roulette is one of the most played casino games around the world. It depends on player’s luck in guessing right where the ball will land after the spin. Players can make a bet on 1 or more numbers!


Sic Bo is another popular casino game in which players bet on the combinations of a roll of the 3 dices. Fast-paced and easy-to-play, Sic Bo is widely welcomed by players in Asia.


Blackjack is a big attraction in western casinos. In SA Gaming, players will be able to enjoy the real thrill of beating the dealer by their techniques and luck to get a natural Blackjack!